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Talking to vendors: Quick tips for getting it right

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October 30, 2019
Talking to vendors: Quick tips for getting it right

Be Informed- The more information the better. Knowing where a company stands and the details about the product/ service being offered is crucial.

Straight to the point- Cut out jargon and be polite and honest. 

Ask Questions- Always ask questions. No question is a bad question. The more informed you are the better you are at making smart decisions.

Give time to answer- It is important to not always expect an immediate answer. I would rather have an answer that is prepared with accurate information rather than a quick on the spot reaction.

Set clear expectations- You can’t get mad at a vendor if you do not let them know what your expecting from them from the start. Set expectations early in the relationship process.

Address Issues- If there is a problem or a concern, be responsible and let the vendor know. A good vendor wants to know if there was an issue that they can improve on.

Give recognition- Don’t be afraid to let someone know they did a good job or helped make your company a success. Let them know specifically what it is they do well so they can continue to do the best work possible. 

Return calls and emails- Return calls/ emails in a timely manner. If you answer right away, they will likely show the same courtesy to you. Nothing is more frustrating than when you don't get a prompt response. Always do your due diligence by responding as fast as possible in order to stay efficient.


In order for long lasting success in business, it is imperative to build strong relationships with your vendors. Relationships work both ways. If one person is doing all the work, the relationship simply fails. Understanding the way you communicate with vendors creates a positive business relationship which can help build your network and lead to more opportunities down the road.

Credit to Post by Jess Lawrence on Oct 30, 2018 7:30:00 AM