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Training Up-keep

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June 08, 2019
Training Up-keep

In this discussion we will cover the importance of training and its up-keep within a company setting. We will discuss the basics, the training matrix, and the issues that come along with keeping everything up to date and in order between the office and the field. In the end, we will be able to pinpoint what some major issues are and find solutions to those issues so that everyone is aware of the training and licensing, but most importantly, so that the company is in compliance.

When it comes to training within the company our main tool is the training matrix. This has every active employee listed with their certifications, licenses, and physicals listed out with the expiration date and a link to that specific certification or license so that it may be viewed easily. The matrix is updated whenever new information is provided to the office. Here is where some of the main issues arise, getting the new documentation submitted to the office and having everyone use the matrix properly. Communications between the office and the field staff are difficult for many different reasons, whether it is the difference in hours, a misunderstanding, forgetfulness, and even sometimes a language barrier.

I have found that getting employees in leadership roles such as a project manager or supervisor that work directly with the field crew, that are willing to help, involved is our best bet to make sure everything is turned in. For example, I could have three employees that need to turn in their renewed physicals, I could call Ricardo, one of our supervisors in the field, and ask him to get with those employees. He checks with those employees, and usually I have the updated information that week. Clear communication and everyone working together is the key. We are all busy and while keeping the matrix and other information updated is one of my responsibilities, it truly benefits everyone within the company if everyone took the initiative to collect the documentation when it asked for. When we have employees out on a jobsite, everyone here at ARC needs to make sure that every employee has their current and required documentation on file. This helps when a Project Manager, GC, MDE, or even OSHA asks for a physical, certification or license, I can go right to the Training Matrix, pull the requested documentation, and send it straight to them with no hassle. 

In conclusion, I think if we all work together as a team and realize that everyone's job is important and intertwined, we can make sure the company and it’s employees stay up to date with their certifications, training, and licenses. This makes everyone's job easier and keeps the company in compliance.

Posted By Amber Duty June 8th 2019 at 1:47 PM