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ARC successfully completes demolition & abatement job under intense deadline pressure at famous Hay Adams Hotel in DC
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Concrete Floor Prep:

ARC Uses Innovation to Solve Fort Meade HAZMAT Challenge < Read More >


ARC provides fair consultation and meticulous execution in challenging data center job for Turner Construction
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ARC successfully completes demolition & abatement job under intense deadline pressure at famous Hay Adams Hotel in DC


ARC Construction Services’ specializes in providing demolition & abatement services to customers in the mid-Atlantic region. There is a definite advantage to utilizing a single-source company to handle the complete demolition and abatement job. There is no second-guessing as to who is responsible for what aspects of the project meaning liability issues are significantly reduced. Also, our demolition experts are trained to recognize abatement hazards, keeping the jobsite safe for all trades.


Hitt Contracting hired ARC Construction Services to provide demolition & abatement services at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington DC. The project consisted of interior demolition and abatement work as preparation for new construction and renovation of the hotel, including:

  • Removal of an existing penthouse
  • Removal of raised concrete slab on rooftop
  • Removal of elevator shaft
  • Removal of cooling towers
  • Removal of ceiling to expose existing mechanicals
  • Removal of lead paint

The project had several challenges associated with it including:

  • An extremely aggressive time schedule
  • As the Hotel is located directly across from the White House, security and project scrutiny was especially tight
  • All material from the demolition and abatement activities had to be removed directly off the roof


Several contractors were in the running to secure the contract for this job. In the end, ARC Construction Services proved to be the only firm that had the capabilities to meet the necessary scheduling and project challenges and was awarded the job. Part of the solution to meeting all requirements was that the equipment capabilities, personnel and knowledge of how to accomplish the job were already in place. The solutions consisted of utilizing these capabilities in creative and aggressive ways to meet the demanding time schedule.

To address the material removal challenge, a tower crane was used to remove all material off the roof of the hotel. The use of a tower crane necessitated coordination of lane closures, traffic pattern changes, and various procedures to ensure pedestrian safety on the ground. The penthouse removal schedule was met with the demolition being completed in seven days. Brokk machines were utilized to hammer down the existing penthouse.

If working with a difficult time schedule and full workload was not challenging enough, the location of the hotel being directly across from the White House added a level of security oversight that is not normally found on demolition projects. By coordinating with Hay Adams and Hitt representatives, ARC was not only able to complete the necessary demolition on time, but met all security and safety requirements.

The abatement aspect of the job consisted of removing lead paint from existing historical architectural detail. The process entailed wetting down the areas to be remediated to contain the lead material. This was all accomplished without any damage to the historically significant areas while meeting all health and safety requirements.

ARC Uses Innovation to Solve Fort Meade Concrete Floor Prep HAZMAT Challenge


ARC Construction Services’ concrete floor prep division specializes in the preparation of concrete floors for final finishing. This entails creating a proper bonding surface for the final finishing material and includes the removal of any existing surface coating when necessary.

ARC employs several different concrete floor prep methods including:

Diamond Grinding: Good for removing thin coatings and mastics and smoothing out surfaces on concrete.

Shot Blasting: Cleans contaminants and leaves the concrete floor with the desired profile for improved bonding of finishing material.

Dry Ice Blasting: Perfect for challenging environments including food prep and processing areas, power plants, restoration projects or anywhere a non-residue floor prep method is desired.


Fort Meade contracted with ARC Construction to prep a 7,000 sq ft concrete floor for final finishing. This job posed several different challenges, including:

  • The removal of 3 layers of existing paint, including epoxy and a lead-based coating
  • Managing HAZMAT conditions and containing airborne contaminants caused by lead paint removal
  • Complying with all necessary health and safety standards
  • Operating in a secure military environment
  • Working under tight scheduling and time constraints


ARC employed a combination of portable shot blast units and large diamond grinders to remove the coatings. ARC’s Concrete Floor Prep division has the necessary equipment and specific expertise to remove difficult coatings such as epoxy finishes.

Especially challenging was the fact that one of the coatings contained lead, creating a HAZMAT situation with airborne dust being created from the removal process. Because ARC has extensive remediation experience, they were able to draw on their knowledge of hazardous materials management to formulate a solution.

To ensure that all lead dust and particles were properly contained and removed, a rolling negative air pressure containment structure was constructed at the work site. By creating a contained area of lower air pressure in the grinding and shot blasting area, the higher air pressure around the work area acted as a “cover” and contained all contaminated dust and particles. The lead based material could then be collected and removed for proper disposal, meeting all environmental compliance standards.

As this was a secured military facility, special coordination was necessary to secure proper clearances for the staging of workers and equipment at the work site over multiple days. ARC also coordinated with the building operations personnel to create an aggressive off-hours schedule that would allow daytime military usage of the area. The entire 7,000 sq. ft. project was completed in 5 nights, allowing the new coating contractor access to the completely prepped floor on schedule.

ARC provides fair consultation and meticulous execution in challenging data center firestop job for Turner Construction


ARC Construction Services specializes in every type of firestop installation including:

  • Penetration Protection
    • Plumbing And Process Piping Systems
    • Mechanical Systems And Vents
    • High Voltage And Motor Electrical Conduit
    • Low Voltage And Lighting Conduit
    • Data/communications Conduit
  • Head (Top) Of Wall Dynamic Joints
  • Edge Of Slab Dynamic Joints
  • Cable Tray Pillows

Using improper or substandard firestop materials and installation procedures or hiring uncertified firestop contractors can have a devastating result when fire breaks out, costing lives and opening up issues of risk and liability that no company wants to deal with. Hiring a properly certified and accredited firestop contractor is key to providing appropriate protection.


Turner Construction was looking for a company to install firestop systems to a major data center that they were constructing. ARC Construction Services initially provided consultation services to Turner Construction, providing analysis of scope of services needed for the project. What ARC discovered was a budget that was completely inadequate for the scope of firestop work needed to properly protect the data center.

Beyond budget constraints, other challenges included:

  • An extremely tight project timeline
  • Extremely tight access to certain areas of the facility
  • Firestop installations needed in top of wall penetrations that were 30 ft off the ground
  • A data center environment that demanded absolute cleanliness


ARC Construction Services provided Turner Construction with a fair and honest assessment of the scope of work needed and worked with them to come up with a revised budget that balanced budget constraints with the amount of work that was initially needed.

ARC was able to install firestop systems through all penetrations and top-of-wall applications, even in extremely tight access areas where there was little room to work. By having appropriate worker capacity and firestop knowledge, the tight deadline was able to be met. (ARC has been awarded Hilti Platinum contractor status & is the #1 Hilti accredited contractor in Mid-Atlantic region)

In order to meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of the data center environment, all box walls had to be taped off prior to firestop installation. The attention to detail with both preparation and installation of the firestop systems was meticulous. To address safety issues, all firestop workers were tied off with harnesses as they were operating at 30 ft ceiling heights.

ARC’s quality of work and overall outstanding job performance resulted in the customer extending the contract beyond the previous limits to include an even greater area of the data center.

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