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To protect yourself from substandard firestop installation problems, there are several questions you need to ask before hiring a company to handle your commercial construction firestop needs.

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Joe Wilkinson
ARC Firestop Division Manager

Firestop Thru floor cables Firestop Caulk
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Expert Firestop Installation: It’s a Matter of Life & Death

There are many areas of building and construction where mistakes are made and it does not cause a serious problem. Firestop is not one of those areas. Using improper or substandard firestop materials and installation procedures or hiring uncertified firestop contractors can have a devastating result when fire breaks out, costing lives and opening up issues of risk and liability that no company wants to deal with.

Hiring a properly certified and accredited firestop contractor is the key to protecting yourself.

Reasons to choose ARC Firestop capabilities:

  • Experience: Division manager has over 10+ years’ firestop experience
  • Capacity: Fully stocked warehouse
  • Priority access to "Fast Engineering Judgments" to keep project on schedule when needing a technical judgment
  • Top certifications including:
    • Hilti Platinum contractor status (Only top 5% of all Hilti contractors reach platinum status)
    • #1 Hilti accredited contractor in Mid-Atlantic region
    • FM 4991 Certification pending
  • Proper bonding capabilities
  • Best products: Utilizing best-in-class Hilti firestop products
  • Fully compliant: Up-to-date and knowledgeable with all firestop code requirements
Firestop Spray

We specialize in every type of firestop installation including:

  • Penetration Protection
    • Plumbing and Process Piping Systems
    • Mechanical Systems and Vents
    • High Voltage and Motor Electrical Conduit
    • Low Voltage And Lighting Conduit
    • Data/communications Conduit
  • Head (Top) of Wall Dynamic Joints
  • Edge of Slab Dynamic Joints
  • Cable Tray Pillows
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