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Mold in the commercial and residential setting

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August 01, 2019
Mold in the commercial and residential setting

Let's be honest, mold is scary. Whether it is in your home or in your work space, it is crucial to
hire a company that understands the impact mold can have in these spaces and even more
important to hire a company that can eliminate it. Mold is everywhere. It is in the air when we
walk outside, it can grow in food, and when it finds water and a surface and air with the right
amount of humidity, it can grow in places we don’t want it.

Even though mold is scary, it can be eliminated. One of the most important things is to fix the
source of the water intrusion that has created the mold. Typical sources can be roof leaks, water
leaks in plumbing under sinks, basement foundation leaks and many others. These are typically
areas that are unconditioned with higher humidity. It is important to hire an expert that can
identify these intrusions and make recommendations on repairing them. If sources aren’t
addressed and repaired, then mold can continue to grow, hence the reason it is crucial to fix the
source first.

Once the source has been addressed, then the mold remediation process can begin. There are
a lot of misconceptions about how to address mold, and it is important to mention a couple of
them. One common misconception is that bleach is a good way to clean mold. Bleach will only
kill surface mold and since mold can penetrate deep into porous surfaces, there is no guarantee
that it won’t return. Certain substrates like drywall, plaster, and other porous surfaces must be
completely removed or eliminated. Much of the remediation process involves demolition of
materials with mold growth. The other common misconception is that mold remediation can
easily be handled on your own. This is not always true and it is very important to hire a trusted
professional to remediate the mold growth.

ARC is there to help. ARC has been in the abatement and remediation business for over 30
years. We understand that setting up containment and implementing proper engineering
controls is the first step in the process of attacking the mold. We also use environmentally
friendly products in treating the mold. Our trained professionals know how to eliminate the mold
and most importantly, eliminate the worry that goes along with it.

Posted by Heidi Yagbasan on August 1st 2019 at 9:47am